About us

Our company has been operating on the market for few years now and since beginning we have been focused on installing garage and sectional doors, barriers and automation elements. Many years of experience taught us to offer highest quality of products and services provided to our clients. We cooperate on daily basis with biggest manufacturers of most interesting and highly-functional solutions, therefore our products are safe and reliable.

Since the industry endlessly evolves and provides new and easier solutions every day, in order to efficiently introduce these ideas to our clients, our suppliers are being constantly educated in terms of mechanics, automatics and electronics. Because of that we are pride to offer our clients the most professional knowledge and support.

Furthermore, we offer complex services by cooperating with different companies within the industry. We also provide warranty and post-warranty services. Besides garage and sectional doors, barriers and automation, we also provide vast variety of door openers and parking systems.

Even if our office is situated in Gdansk, we work with complex network of suppliers and their representative offices in Tricity and entire Poland.

I kindly invite you to work with us.


Suska Adrian