Sectional Doors                                             



It is equally important for every investment to create safe and comfortable conditions for business development. This was the reason why we manufacture sectional doors.

A choice of sectional door depends on their intended use and location where the door in installed. Steel doors produced in two basic versions K2 IS and K2 IM are perfect for industrial buildings. The sections of the door are 40 mm thick and they are filled in with polyurethane foam. The warmest door K2 IS 60 is recommended for facilities requiring higher thermal insulation.

Along with the steel sectional doors we also offer aluminium doors K2 IA and K2 IP. K2 IA door with narrow embossment looks identical as its steel counterpart K2 IS, however it is lighter and has a higher corrosion resistance class. An interesting alternative for full doors are fully glazed K2 IP doors, which are characterised by modern design and therefore provide more daylight to the interior.


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K2 IS steel doors offer reliable protection of industrial facilities. Users value their durability, resistance to weather conditions and solid structure. Daily operation is facilitated by a broad selection of automation and accessories.



K2 IM steel door is a combination of solid steel construction with a light an innovative form, effectively protecting every company building. Their style matches modern buildings. The panels are plain and have a unique embossment pattern.


K2 IA doors are made of aluminium plates and filled with 40 mm thick polyurethane foam with insulation properties. Aluminium makes it possible to reduce the weight of the door shell nearly by half compared to a steel door.


Doors with glass sections have modern design and provide maximum daylight. The filling of door panels is made up of a single or double pane of durable and scratch-resistant plastic.




Sectional doors are available in over 200 RAL colors and can be made in several dozen veneers. This enables a perfect adjustment of the door to the façade and other joinery elements.



Opener ?

A gate with a drive is a trouble-free device in operation, reliable and quiet. The comfort of use is ensured by, among others, the best automation. The mechanisms used in our products are devices from the renowned German manufacturer GFA. They guarantee easy and trouble-free service, and also enable attaching the gate to any object management system, SAP system, alarm installations or control of loading ramps and docks.


GFA opener
Control board
Dodatkowe piloty
Semafor LED

400V socket drive with emergency opening with a chain

Control panel with buttons  up / stop / down

4-channel remote control with a range of up to 150m

Additional control button up / stop / down

Detection of obstacles during closing

Green/Red LED Semafor